From Rio de Janeiro, Rubel played the EDP stage at Lisbon festival Super Bock Super Rock this evening with a set that covered songs from his debut album Pearl, as well as recent offering Casas.

Dressed in homage to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, the Brazilian singer watched as crowds gathered around his set. Speaking to Best Fit after, Rubel said, “It was amazing for me because I felt like people were really connecting. I felt like throughout the show we could see that more and more people were getting closer to the stage and I feel like I reached people who’d never listened to my music before. And I think that’s the most important goal when I play a festival, is to reach not only the people who know my music and are going to the festival to hear me but for me it’s almost more important to reach the people who’ve never seen me before, and I feel like that happened today.”

Rubel’s second record Casas came out last year.

Super Bock Super Rock continues tonight with headliners Migos and Janelle Monae.