BandLab Albums has been introduced to allow artists to self-publish their music and still earn 100% of profits from the release.

While the feature is called Albums, the service supports releases of singles, EP's and albums, and is a free platform for artists to upload music to.

BandLab has over 20 million users worldwide, and tested a beta version of the new feature earlier this year.

Users can upload their music in just three simple steps - choose the album type (mixtape/EP/LP), provide an album title, and select the "best-sounding tracks".

Those uploading music will also be able to decide the price of their releases. There's two pricing options on BandLab Albums - Free and Tip Based. A description for the Free option on the site reads, "fans can stream your tracks and download bonus materials. You can choose to make tracks downloadable, but they don’t have to be. Fans can also tip you if they’d like. To enable tipping, make sure that your Tip Jar is up and running."

The Tip Based option reads, "fans can stream your tracks, download tracks, and download bonus materials. But they can only do this after sending you a minimum tip. Fans can choose to tip you more if they want to."

Best of all, there's no hidden fees at all, so artists can upload their music at no cost, and listeners won't have to pay to subscribe to the service either.

The site supports wav, mp3, m4a, ogg, and aac music file formats, and allows for up to 50 songs per album, and 10 files as bonus material.

BandLab's Albums feature is available now via the web app. iOS and Android versions of the BandLab app will be available soon.