Jeff Mills is the founder of Axis Records, and released his new Str Mrkd EP to launch a sub-label of the same name last month.

"Patterns In Nature", one of four tracks to feature on Jeff Mills' Str Mrkd release, was actually made by Julien H. Mulder, and was misused by Mills in a "rare mistake".

Axis Records posted a statement to Facebook explaining the mix up, revealing the track was "selected for this release as Mills believed it was a track that he produced from his past recordings."

The post adds, "Mills often receives demo tracks from artist seeking licenses on Axis Records. As he reviews tracks, he sometimes makes a CD containing samples of tracks of himself and others to test while out on tour. On an unmarked CD and because of the similarity in production style, Mills mistook this track as something he had made a while ago and proceeded to add this to the release".

Julien H. Mulder will be credited on the next pressing of the 12" vinyl release. Listen to a clip of the track over at