Petras has already confirmed her second Halloween-themed EP landing later this year, but she's yet to release anything from her upcoming debut album.

According to a Reddit thread with a picture of the single artwork, Kim Petras is releasing "Got My Number" next Friday, and it'll be the first taste of her upcoming record. The singer/songwriter is yet to confirm the news.

Back in February Petras released her huge banger "1,2,3 Dayz Up" featuring SOPHIE.

Last month Petras revealed that she would be dropping the first single from her debut album this month, "It’s the first single ... it’s pretty honest but yeah kinda sad because I been going thru sum things that I bottled up for a long time cause I was doing so much promo and performing every nite for so long."

"Got My Number" could potentially arrive next Friday (26 April). Kim Petras plays Manchester Pride Live this summer. Find out more.