Back in 2017, PWR BTTM's Ben Hopkins was accused of sexual assault and antisemitism, which led to their music being removed from streaming sites, and resulted in the band being dropped from US label Polyvinyl and UK label Big Scary Monsters.

Since the allegations the band have been trying to figure out a way of being able to perform together, and trying to locate a new manager.

Now it seems as though Ben Hopkins is attempting to make a return, as a thread on Twitter explains that a booking agent tried to pitch his new single.

One of the people that received the email from the booking agent wrote, "can’t tell if an email saying "hey remember homie’s assault allegations? Can he get a gig?" (This is almost literally what it says) Is wildass Stockholm syndrome or the PR person who is stuck in a contract just trying to torpedo the project?"

Another user wrote, "There are more "redemption records" coming. Probably a lot more."

Read the full thread on Twitter.