Meredith's new installation will be hosted in Somerset House's courtyard, and is reinvented, sensory experience based on the classic fairground ride dodgems.

According to the description, each "bump, scratch and jolt is tracked by bespoke wireless technology, designed in collaboration with BAFTA-winning interaction sound artist and fellow Studios resident Nick Ryan", which create a unique audio-visual piece that triggers a three-minute "sonic display across the courtyard" once each hour, which features new music from Meredith.

Meredith confirmed that her new compositions will be played approximately every hour and revealed that there's 18 pieces of new music in total.

The Bumps Per Minute compositions are Meredith's first new material since her 2019 album Fibs.

DODGE (and Bumps Per Minute) is due to take place at London's Somerset House from 15 July until 22 August. Visit for more information.