As The New York Times reports, the Nashville-based plant produces up to 40,000 records every day, accounting for between 30-40 percent of all vinyl sold in stores. United have said their new factory, located in South Nashville, is around the size of "two football fields" and will allow them to double production capacity.

"In order to streamline our processes and optimize our quality, output and turnaround times, we are consolidating operations into our new facility located on Allied Drive in Nashville, TN," the company says. "The new plant is a significantly larger, more modern operation - enabling an increase in our capacity of over 50% - and was needed to keep up with the rapid demand for our vinyl record pressing services."

The plant's early clients included Motown and Vee Jay Records - who released the first Beatles 7" in America, prior to signing to Capitol. They moved into their current factory - a historic building on Chestnut Street - in 1962 and have assured customers that they are "committed to preserving it in a way that honors its important place in musical history."