Palmer is planning to host a last-minute gig/performance in an open space this afternoon (17 July).

Revealing the news on her Patreon page, Palmer wrote, "I just landed in london for 24 hours. Long story which can wait. WANNA NINJA? I do. It’s a beautiful goddamn day!!!! LETS DO IT. Plan on 5:30/6pm (today, wednesday july 17th) somewhere very very close to camden high street - i’ll come back and update this post by 4pm with an exact spot !!! Bring food, beer, guitars, ukuleles, signs, kazoos, balloons, dogs, instruments of peace, children, poems, clothes you don’t need, extra fruit that’s going bad, books you want to pass on...just BRING FUN ITEMS. we can do a show and tell."

One fan has suggested Palmer performs at the "top of Primrose Hill, by the engraved quotation by William Blake."

The final location for Amanda Palmer's performance will be added to her Patreon post by 4pm today (17 July). Find out more.