After teasing the collaboration on socials last week, Longyu Gao has unveiled the full version of "LEGEND", which is the first track they've made together.

The new song features production from Whethan, Jupiter Keyes, Kevin Hissink and Josh Ocean.

Longyu Gao wrote of the song on Twitter, ""LEGEND" by me & Alice Glass OUT now. I’m so fucking grateful for my journey, I’m an extremely lucky crazy bitch, no idea why I’m here but here we go, and we keep going. Save it to ur playlist besties run it up dont let me down."

"LEGEND" is Longyu Gao's first outing since teaming up with Kilder on "Crying At CVS" last month, and will follow Glass' January single "SUFFER AND SWALLOW".

Alice Longyu Gao and Alice Glass' "LEGEND" single is out now.