"12:12AM / PATIENTS (FUCKING UP A FRIDAY)" is the second Everything Is Recorded single since Russell's 2018's self-titled debut album.

The new track, which features Aitch and returning collaborator Infinite Coles, lands after last month's "10:51PM / THE NIGHT", which featured Berwyn and Maria Somerville.

Russell told The FADER of the new single, ""Patients" is a raw tune. Its just a 909, a lot of space, and these two incredible voices. Infinite Coles has a Paradise Garage quality to his voice, and he’s also very hip-hop, but in a completely new way. And thats also where Aitch comes in. A natural star. Thousand megawatt star quality just comes off him."

Everything Is Recorded's new single "12:12AM / PATIENTS (FUCKING UP A FRIDAY)" featuring Aitch and Infinite Coles is out now via XL Recordings.