"KMF" is the first single to be shared from 65daysofstatic's upcoming Kazimir EP, the first release of music from their newly-launched year-long project Unreleased/Unreleasable Vol.4: A Year of Wreckage.

The year-long project will include a mixture of "Decomposition Theory sessions, algorithmic experiments, soundscapes, sad piano, noisy guitars, weird time signatures, math insanity beats. And more. New releases monthly, loosely themed, a way to articulate the breadth of the 65PROJECT in a digestible way."

65daysofstatic are also releasing an album in Autumn this year. The Unreleased/Unreleasable Vol.4: A Year of Wreckage work is "An ongoing, curated archive of all the material that didn't fit on the new record. It's not filler, it's the good stuff," the group writes.

"KMF" will be released with the Kazimir EP on 1 May. Subscribe to 65daysofstatic's year-long project over on Bandcamp.com.