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Kadhja Bonet announces new EP California Holiday

17 November 2022, 15:49 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Kadhja Bonet has announced a new six-track EP titled California Holiday, which features her own takes on festive standards as well as one original song.

As well as announcing California Holiday today, Kadhja Bonet has shared the lead outing "Little Christmas Tree".

"I have never been a holiday person," Bonet says. "As a kid I spent holidays hiding under beds and in the back of closets. But as an adult, I somehow picked a partner who is a true holiday lover. Opposites attract, or so I hear. I started making a playlist of all my favourite holiday songs and deep cuts to at least feel like I had some control over the celebration, and then I felt it was a shame to not appreciate good songs just because I can't get behind the commercialism of Christmas. I am Charlie Brown and he is me."

She adds of the original track, "I won't be asking Mariah Carey to step aside anytime soon, but it's nice to make holidays relevant to your own story. "California Holiday" is my attempt at just that. It's a song that I wanted to write because it makes no mention of Christmas, or any one holiday. Instead it focuses on a relationship and how the markers of the year can change your perspective on one, whether by revealing stagnation or jumpstarting a change in the quality of care. I also wanted to make this song because as much as it is about personal relationships, it also signifies my relationship with California, which is a place I've tried to leave many times, but I just keep coming back to. California has that kind of a hold on people. For all its beauty and opportunities, the cost of living and lack of social services make it nearly impossible to survive. I think a lot of people will relate to that angle of the song, this vision of California as a golden state and the hypothetical opportunities they are scared to leave."


  1. California Holiday
  2. Little Christmas Tree
  3. Someday at Christmas
  4. Wonderful Christmas Time
  5. It's Christmas Time
  6. Keep Christmas With You

"Little Christmas Tree" is out now. Kadhja Bonet's California Holiday EP will arrive on 2 December through Ninja Tune, and is available to pre-order now.

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