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Jordan Mac Kampa 2023

Jordan Mackampa returns with the news of the forthcoming album, Welcome Home, Kid!

31 August 2023, 11:57 | Written by Tyler Damara Kelly

The album announcement comes with the release of new single, “Proud Of You”, which is the first introduction to a new era for Jordan Mackampa.

On the soulful “Proud Of You", Mackampa has a long overdue conversation with his inner child that tells his story at every age in his life and how proud he is of their growth.

“We go through life ageing without realising that even at 28, 29, 35, 41, we are still all the years before that. Some of my most life-changing events happened to me at times when I was too young to comprehend what was going on, and then again when my sense of self in my teen years was fully conscious of situations," he explains. "All whilst my inner child was still there not getting the support it needed because I hadn't healed any old wounds, and was watching its oldest self suffer too.”

This new era presents an assured artist that is no longer afraid to show off their Blackness, queerness, or sexual expression in all their forms. Getting to this place has taken Jordan Mackampa decades of growth, patience & gruelling lessons to reach this state and now he can stand in his Blackness proudly. This album tells the story of how he got to this place of self-worth and the stories of the varying complex but beautiful perspectives about the Black experience.

The core theme of this record is introspection with Mackampa explaining, “This was a big theme for me in writing a lot of these songs because no one else has lived life in my shoes, I really had to take other peoples’ opinions and stories out of the writing and put myself at the forefront of everything. Which in turn, made me put the guitar down more and stand centre stage naked in a way."

"This new album for me feels even more personal now - I use more self language of “I” over “we” because all of these stories are about me and my life in even more depth than the first record touched upon, whilst covering more bases either through my own first person story telling of something current I’m dealing with or a past situation I’m using music to heal through. The debut was me figuring out shit, this album is me putting the last puzzle piece on the board," he continues.

Mackampa released his debut album Foreigner in March 2020 and a follow up EP, Come Around in 2021, and this year has seen him appear on tracks with Jords, Che Lingo and blackwave.


  1. Playground

  2. Proud Of You

  3. Mary

  4. I’ve Found My Home in You

  5. Step By Step

  6. Interlude - Party At Aunties House

  7. Friends You’ve Made

  8. Girls On Film

  9. Say It Ain’t So

  10. Time To Say Goodbye

  11. April Fools

  12. Black & Blue (PTSD)

  13. Blaccjack The Mac

  14. I Know

"Proud of You" is out now. Jordan Mackampa's second album, Welcome Home, Kid! is set for release on 16 February via AWAL, and is available to pre-save.

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