On a side note, surely this trend for slow-moving psychedelia and T-themed names must be a nod to Marc Bolan and co.? Digressions aside,  “Fine” is the duo's first official release, and it's impressive stuff.

The song is one part washed out indie-pop to two parts vintage vibes, with drums courtesy of Jay Bone of Carl Barât’s punk project The Jackals

“'Fine” was the first tune where we wrote all the parts together and I think we bashed it out in about a day”, Sturges and Weaver say, a feat that even the most seasoned of synth-heads would probably struggle with.

"It seemed right that it should be the first song we properly recorded. I say properly recorded, but it was more of an experiment for us to see how far we could go on our own and with a bit of help from friends which was pretty exciting."

"Fine" is available as a free download from 4 December. Tuska play Proud Camden this coming Sunday 8 November and the Old Blue Last on 11 December.

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