An audio-visual collaboration between songwriter and producer Lee Rutledge and visual artist Dominique Mills, thomTide plan to release their long-player project, episode by episode, while they're guided by the seasons. "clockWise" is officially the fourth episode of Season 1: Fall.

Having met back in 2014, Rutledge and Mills bonded over shared curiosities and their limitless imaginations. Rutledge's background in classical composing and musical storytelling saw him create music under his production moniker Kakuyon, but this guise didn't offer him the freedom he desired. "So much happens and changes in the world all the time, and I wanted a project that was just as free and fluid," he shares.

"thomTide is inspired by everything that has happened to me and the world recently and will be inspired by everything that happens as the year progresses."

"clockWise" celebrates the fluidity of Rutledge's new musical freedom, it's unrestrained, but also full of control clocking in at less than two minutes in length. Ethereal vocals meet timeless, haunting production which merges an old-western inspired guitar melody with choppy, layered percussion.

As the next 12 months unfold so will this project, it'll be interesting to see how the seasons and the constant flux of the world's problems will shape the future of thomTide. Like the ebb and the flow of the oceans, thomTide is set to trace both highs and lows with new music dropping biweekly.

"clockWise" is out now. Find thomTide on Instagram.