The skies over the capital may be turning greyer and colder, yet Temptress’ latest outing “Paradise" carries the climes of a Malibu beach as breezy vocals and laid-back percussion meld together. The South-East London twosome carry a sense of DIY to their output, with sincere and original output since their emergence. Both the accompanying self-directed video and sound feels authentic to members Vlad and Jess.

The new visual showcases the city that inspires their sound in the most uncomplicated way: it's an example of new musicians completely in control of their production.

"We wrote the song as a reaction to what feels like a negative time in the world, so wanted to bring something positive and fun to brighten our moods and hopefully other people's too,” share Temptress of the inspiration behind “Paradise”. "It's 4.06 mins of escapism about how in a moment someone can make you feel like you live in paradise.

"Growing up in London our whole lives, we hardly ever go to all the main tourist spots, so the video is to show you don’t have to go to a beach with palm trees to have a vibe,” the duo continue. "It was great fun to shoot too, cycling across London, though the police really didn't like us pumping the song full volume out of the Fiat 500 while filming from the sunroof.”

"Paradise" is available now via Plastic Fruit Studios. Follow Temptress on Facebook.