TEEN have made a career thus far of gobbling up current pop music trends alongside snippets of passé and esoteric pop/rock subgenres, subverting them into their own unique blend of past and present styles.

Persisting with this level of malleability is imperative to the band’s artistic existence, as the song remarks upon the alluring foibles of falling into the trend machine.

“’Popular Taste’ is about how consumerism leaves us thirsty and how that affects us as musicians,” say the band. “When I have found myself catering to popularity, trends, likes, and brand, thirst became insatiable. It seems obvious, but the trap is tricky.”

Video director Charles Billot reflects the band’s simultaneous need to unabashedly join as well as objectively observe the trends, joining the crowd in their blissful dancing one minute, engrossed in private conversation and interjecting comment the other:

“We made this video very spontaneously. We kept in mind the joy of a party, while the band having their comment on everyone creates a contrast. They are on the couch having their conversation, Teeny making statements to the camera with the lyrics while Lizzie and Katherine keep talking. From time to time they jump back into their own conversation. It’s a powerful party, colourful and fun with a twist, like TEEN!”

“Popular Taste” and Good Fruit are both out now on Carpark Records. Find TEEN on Facebook.