Lovingly built around a captivating bass synth patch, "Warm Skin" is the opening track on Tallsaint's debut EP Hard Love, due out 20 June via indie label Dance to The Radio. It's a sprightly foil to the calculated passivity of "I'm A Woman (After All)", and different again from sophomore single "Touch". In the span of just three tracks, Tallsaint has managed to map a wide range of emotional experience through her tight industrial pop stylings.

"Warm Skin" stands out amongst its siblings as the softest, most optimistic offering of the bunch. This is no surprise to Tallsaint, who outlines the track's sweet source of inspiration:

"When you’re asleep next to someone, it’s a vulnerable but beautifully tender position to be in," she explains "I think this is the first song I’ve written in my life about subject matter so blissful. Yup, that feeling did come from me opening my eyes to see my cat [PJ Harvey] asleep next to me," she admits, "but it also represents to me a feeling of true contentment."

"Warm Skin" is out now. Find Tallsaint on Facebook.