Heart-on-her-sleeve Poetri is playing out every scenario in her head as she's in a battle with herself, debating where she wants to take a relationship. Complete with a music video, we see Poetri flip between a party and her bedroom, offering two perfect places where her overthinking can take hold.

The double-setting mirrors the themes of the upcoming EP, titled AM : PM. It's set to showcase the lighter side of the story on the AM side, whereas the PM offering will delver a little deeper. Poetri's magical storytelling comes into its own on "Selfish", while the track's breezy production highlights her evocative vocals, it's hard to decipher on which side of the project this will land.

“It’s a song about contemplating and battling with yourself about whether you have the right to be selfish in this new relationship not relationship," Poetri explains, "when you have someone but you don’t really, and just working through all of those extremely complicated feelings.”

Following a string of stand-alone singles and her breakout hit "I Love You 3000", which got a remix and featured on 88rising's Head In The Clouds II compilation, "Selfish" is the start of an excting new chapter for Poetri, who now gets to showcase the start of her evolution.

"Selfish" is out now via 88rising / Infinite Thrills. Follow Stephanie Poetri on Instagram.