Lanterns On The Lake are one of the multitude of bands that email TLOBF Towers on a daily basis. However, where others have failed, LotL have succeeded. Mainly due to the fact that their music isn’t the sound of a bunch of 7-year old’s banging pans in their mothers basement.

This is lush, grand and stratospheric stuff. The gentle, glitchy opening betrays its more widescreen ambitions. Think Bjork, Sigur Ros and Cocteau Twins but a little sparser, perhaps the offspring of those three germinating in the Spring sunshine, tentatively finding their feet.

Put it this way, it’s been a while since I’ve heard something quite as lovely as this – my Last.fm stats will show me up as a repeat listener…

Lanterns On The Lake: ‘Lungs Quicken’

The track ‘Lungs Quicken’ was actually released as a 7″ on Monday in beautiful handmade packaging, with a bunch of cool B-sides. So, if you like this, help the guys out and buy it here.

You can also catch the band playing live at the following locations:

26th June @ GLASTONBURY festival, (BBC Introducing Stage)
2nd July @ The Slaughtered Lamb, London
3rd July @ BLISSFIELDS Festival, Hampshire
17th July @ NARC Fest, The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne
31st July @ Tan Hill, North Yorkshire
11th Sept @ END OF THE ROAD festival, Dorset