The newest recruits to the consistently great Jagjaguwar are Long Island based Small Black. We only had the email about the freshly signed deal today in fact, but the announcement of a deluxe EP caused such excitement here at TLOBF that we just had to get something posted. Small Black (aka old friends Ryan Heyner and Josh Kolenik) actually released the attached song along with a self-titled EP last year under their own DIY label CassClub. Transparent also released “Despicable Dogs” on limited 7″ in December (copies of which are still available), plus a split 7″ with musical soul mate Washed Out via Lovepump United.

The hook to “Despicable Dogs” lies centre speaker in the shape of a keyboard refrain that’s being fed through a fuzz box. That, coupled with the computer generated drums and sentimental vocal (also fed through a fuzz box – what is it with these lo-fi dudes…) make this an absolute belter of a song. A must for fans of the aforementioned Washed Out, Throw Me The Statue or even previous Song Of The Day victim, Active Child.

A deluxe re-mastered version of the Small Black EP with two extra songs, “Kings Of Animals” and “Baby Bird Pt. 2.” will be released on April 26th. Meanwhile, Small Black are tucked away in a Delaware suburb writing and recording their debut full length album as a four-piece, with newly recruited members Juan Pieczanski on bass and Jeff Curtin on drums, tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

mp3:> Small Black: “Despicable Dogs”