Having previously worked with the likes of Basement Jaxx and Tricky, there is something inherently classic about the double-Alex-duo's bass-driven sound that is instantly familiar and their debut track "Shoe Box" spells out exactly what they are about.

Utilising a minimalist approach, à la The XX, they make their alternative pop sound completely their own, where Mills' honeyed vocals add a brilliant spark of soulful energy to the sparse, intermittent guitar riffs and deep bass that drives the whole earworm experience onwards.

The deceptively sporadic and somewhat hypnotising layering of the track help accentuate the focus of the song, which is all about hiding away your exposed self, as the duo explain: "'Shoe Box' is a song about retreat. It's about hiding your most exposed self in that secret place tucked under your bed."

"Shoebox" is available everywhere now.