Continuing SKIA's vibe of confident and empowering messages delivered via the medium of infectious Scandipop, "Feeling Fine" is a fresh new blast from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts graduate.

“This track is about rediscovering self-assurance, confidence and self-love after having felt low for a while,” explains SKIA. “That ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ vibe where you’ve been lost and sad and then you slowly start feeling yourself again. It might be you feel betrayed or hurt by someone for something they did, but then realising life isn’t always fair, beating a dead horse is pointless, and you better let go, move on and focus on the good things in life. Before you know it, you’re feeling fiiine again.”

In the absence of being able to go out and dance the night away to "Feeling Fine", we’ll settle for belting out the chorus while jumping around the lounge - A guaranteed and much needed mood booster.

"Feeling Fine" is out now via Heist or Hit. Find SKIA on Instagram.