SANTII creates a universe of multi-media with music collaborations at its heart. The duo's songs and videos are set up as episodes of a bigger 'series' for each album, which will eventually form a magazine.

SANTII earned global recognition with the first series of their project: their debut album S01, which featured collaborations with Rejjie Snow, Cakes Da Killa and Drake producer Supah Mario. They return with a taste of their second offering, S02, with low key ditties bursting into buoyant beats and sunny synths with the aid of anonymous rapper, W.

"”WHAT?” is one of the songs we are most attached to,” says Miki. “It’s the first song we wrote that started with the lyrics. It is a story about falling in love; then abruptly, in the chorus, it becomes a song about the end of a relationship. On a deeper level, it’s about that cycle that never ends. It’s about why you should make mistakes and start again to get to what you want and what you need. “WHAT?” is one of the few songs that actually is about me. But it needed a cheerful sound, an optimistic sound, otherwise it would all become a sad monologue.”

"WHAT?” is out now, and their sophomore album S02 is due on 18 January. Find SANTII on Facebook.