Sam Evian is the project of New York-based musician and producer Sam Owens. His new track “Cherry Tree” has come full circle in appreciation of its origins, as Owens wrote the track in a sun-soaked Central Park under, indeed, the dappled shade of its namesake.

Despite its rose-tinted remedial lilt, the track's weeping guitars tell a subtle tale of something darker. “It’s a meditation on death - a deep and gentle sadness for the passing of things,” says Owens. “Paired with a celebration of spring and new life.”

“It was the first Evian song and I’ve always hoped it would be reissued,” says Owens of his project. “So here it is, just in time for spring.”

“Cherry Tree” is out now via Saddle Creek, and the limited edition 7” is available to pre-order now. Find Sam Evian on Facebook and catch him in August at The Lexington on 27th and End Of The Road on 31st.