With his glorious French vocals, Saint DX slows down the funkiness from his previous release “Prime of Your Life” to create this lo-fi R&B gem. Polished with elegant synth patterns and a soulful bass motif, “Xphanie” is a slow-burning hit.

Recalling his love for a girl who we quite clearly know the name of, the track is a groovy, emotional tune. "'Xphanie' is my first track written almost exclusively in French, my mother tongue,” says Hamm. “It is very special to me. It’s one of my most personal and intimate tracks.

“It’s a song about a girl whose name is barely hidden in the title. We’ve been through a lot together. On the break, I sing in English 'I could have gave you all'. It’s the words she said to me the last time we saw each other."

“Xphanie” is out today and his 9-track EP SDX is out 8 November via Cracki Records/Because Music. Find Saint DX on Facebook.