Great Aunt Tilly liked to tell us that a bit of mystery never goes amiss. Dearly departed advisor may have been decreeing the Dos and Dont’s of dating, but the same adage can be applied to the first flight of a fledgling popstrel – as the enigmatic creature known as Queen Of Hearts attests.

Of course, there’s no use in mystery if all you’ve got behind your masquerade is slack-jawed gormlessness, but this Queen, you’ll be glad to know, conceals both charm and beauty behind hers. The Diamond Cut Radio Edit of ‘Freestyle’, her debut track, offers instant electrodisco bliss, her floaty vocals caressing the sinewy synths like the prettiest girl in the sixth form gently stroking the rugby captain’s biceps. Before you ask… ‘Freestyle’ has nothing to do with swimming, nor Strictly Come Dancing, but absolutely everything to do with romantic abandon.

So there we have it. A fabulously sensual debut from a fabulously exciting new pop starlet who’s fabulously stylish enough to rock a swan-head fascinator in her first ever promo shot – and retain her dignity while doing so. No wonder we’re sold.

  Queen Of Hearts – Freestyle (Diamond Cut Radio Edit) by TLOBF