Pieces of Juno's new track strikes a soulful balance considering its eerie minimalism, with Jensen's breathy jazz-flecked vocals floating over cascading brass instrumentals.

Since starting out producing electronic instrumental music and DJing Oslo's underground club scene, Jensen helped to launch the Norwegian female production collective KOSO, which has since started its own record label. She'll release her forthcoming record Metanoia, the third of a tetralogy, through them later this summer.

The accompanying video for “Strawberry” is driven by Jensen's concerns about climate change. After she sent out a request to her fans for clips of commutes, the video is a collaborative collage of footage from journeys around the world. “Climate change is threatening our whole civilization,” says Jensen. “I truly believe that people have to change their habits and lifestyle if we're ever going to reach the climate goal within 2030.”

“Art, and especially music, can be a source to canalize and glorify destruction and greed,” she says. “I believe art needs to be constructive, healing and nurturing. Art has to be a source of creation and not obliteration.”

“Strawberry” is out now via KOSO. Metanoia follows on 23 August. Find Pieces of Juno on Facebook.