Brighton - London’s slightly more homey sister by the sea - has long been synonymous with new, bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed bands, and they’ve delivered once more in their newest exports Nature TV. With a shimmering blend of soulful indie-pop and a 70s soaked rhythm section, Nature TV are ready to begin their assault. If you’re a fan of Mac DeMarco and the woozy Real Estate, these guys are for you.

Describing themselves as “yacht rock” (and if this doesn’t make you think of Duran Duran’s video for “Rio”, there’s something wrong with you), the unravelling guitars and heady vocal of “She Wants To See You Cry” deals with the ever familiar post-break up scenario of ruminating about how things could have turned out differently.

“The song and the EP overall, is a hagiographic account of a mixture of previous relationships,” share the band of their latest work. “It’s about the paranoia and the heartbreak that came from each, due to the imagined feelings overtaking the reality.

“The songs are us overthinking conversations and experiences to a point where it affects the relationships - bittersweet relationships where feelings aren’t reciprocated”.

So, definitely one for that late Friday night journey home when your hopes have been dashed and you’re in need of some affinity.

“She Wants To See You Cry” is available now via Heist of Hit. Follow Nature TV on Facebook. The band will be hitting the road for the very first time this month supporting Trudy and The Romance.