“Vanilla Shell”, the title track from Molina's newly-released second EP, demands your attention as her voice bends into mysterious shapes against a skeletal musical framework in her fantastical realm. Its disarming beauty is enchanting, an idiosyncratic blend of brooding pop and icy psychedelia.

With influences ranging from The Cocteau Twins to Röyksopp, Molina credits her musical taste to the artists her mother introduced her to at a young age. “I remember wanting the Basement Jaxx Rooty album for my birthday at the same age as I was dancing to children’s music,” she says.

These devilishly chaotic influences create a bewildering palette of fragmented sounds and narratives, with her sophomore EP careening from tales of personal liberation and a parasitic love affair to fast food addiction, all in the space of six short tracks.

“Vanilla Shell” is out now alongside the release of her EP of the same name. Find Molina on Instagram.