Earlier this year, the double single “Give Me Palm Trees And Inner Peace”/ “Lovesong” played around with a rougher, more abrasive sound, and now MIYNT is back with a track that's “the result of a slow disco jam and too much fruit."

A wandering funk bassline, guitars and synths that glitter and sparkle and even a little bongo are enough to invoke the spirit of Nile Rodgers, but importantly, she manages to re-engineer all that into a song that sounds like her, with its sense of cinematic style and slick, light-footed melodies.

MIYNT says: “I think I'm heading somewhere in between the grunge and the disco, with a tiny bit of a psychedelic edge. It might be an odd one compared to my old tracks, but I still feel like it's living in sort of a MIYNT-world. Everyone has to do a disco track at some point, right?”

"A bite of papaya" is out now via B3SCI Records. Find MIYNT on Instagram.