Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust, better known as Misty Coast, blend their melancholic, shoegaze-y instrumentals with the echoing innocence of Frøkedal's vocals to deliver a magical winter warmer.

The continuous echo throughout the track is like a winter hymn bouncing between the skeletal trees, urging the sun to creep into the darkest corners.

Infused with screeching guitar riffs and tender vocals, the contrast between the dream pop and shoegaze fusion is magical, rejuvinating the frozen landscape with tender tones.

Expanding on their new track, Misty Coast explain, "We made this tune in Berlin at a point where we had no ideas left, so we switched instruments and it all came together in this weird little pop song. The melody almost sounds like a nursery rhyme, surrounded by a catchy bass line and seasick guitars. Producer Matias Tellez turned the knobs, and suddenly the song was floating in a universe like The Magnetic Fields’ Distortion album.

“Backseat Warriors is inspired by my childhood in the tiny village Etne, located on the west coast of Norway. When I grew up there was nothing to do there, so if you didn’t happen to love football, horses or music, then you most likely spent the days styling your car or driving up and down the streets of Etne, collecting Wunderbaum - or Little Trees - in your rear-view mirror."

Misty Coast's new offering is their first since last year's "Little Sister" and "Eleven Months" singles.

"Backseat Warriors" is out now. Misty Coast's sophomore album Melodaze lands via Brilliance/Moorworks on 25 January. Find Misty Coast on Facebook.