Flirting with both twee and sincerity is always a tough task. Failing to judge where to draw the line can often lead to mixed results and perhaps come across as pretentious or overly playful. Our Song Of The Day manages to straddle said line whilst making it seem all so easy.

Mi Mye is a moniker for Jamie Lockhart, a Scotsman taking shelter in Wakefield. His stream of consciousness lyrics and energetic songs are crafted by himself and a ‘few friends’. ‘Ja Mi Mye’s Phone Bill’ is a charming tale of pining after someone to the point of running up a massive phone bill. It sounds twee but Lockhart’s sincere brogue evokes empathy in even the most cynical heart. He is positive, yet world weary, and sees everything with a unique little spin. ‘Ja Mi Mye’s Phone Bill’ is extremely personal but you feel as though you have been asked to come along for the ride. Like that eccentric friend you have who always weaves the most enchanting stories.

Mi Mye will self-release new album Senc To The Shaking on November 1. However, for the impatient amongst you the album is available to stream in full here. Listen to ‘Ja Mi Mye’s Phone Bill’ below: