With a slew of stellar singles since the beginning of the year, 2020 has seen unconventional pop artist Madge go from strength to strength. From dropping the cyber-pop anthem “Headshot” and its accompanying dizzying visuals back in January to the abrasive electronica of “Ethanol”, their unconventional, thumping approach to PC Music-toned anthems has seen them segment a niche of the present musical landscape that it singularly their own.

Newest drop “Hey Hi” is no different. Peppy synths dance across buzzing bass notes and gurning electronics as the sounds taunt and twist around each of their distinct intonation. Contrasted with sweet chimes and an unerringly cutesy vocal turn by Madge themselves, the track shows opposing aspects of the artist that juxtaposes a doll-like innocence with an abject punk-fuelled rejection.

It is a sentiment that is only reinforced by the accompanying visual themes surrounding their new EP Ethanol (Multiverse, Vol. 2). Part of Madge’s Multiverse, which sees Madge explore their four distinct personalities - namely Red James, Old Madge, The Girl and Alice - the characters have allowed Madge room to probe their own psyche. In this instance, “Hey Hi” sees them dip into the psychological impact of their isolated Mormon upbringing in Utah.

“I wrote this track to explore the contradiction of sexual trauma leading to hyper-sexuality,” Madge explains of the single. “It directly addresses my deep sexual shame as conditioned by Mormonism. It’s one of my favourite songs yet and definitely the shortest, it was produced with Moon Bounce and all came together in under three hours total. xx”

"Hey Hi" and the new EP Ethanol (Multiverse, Vol 2) are both available now via 22Twenty. Follow Madge on Instagram.