Newcastle art-rock enthusiasts Symphonic Pictures are releasing their eponymous debut EP on 6 May via Northern imprint Cottage Industries. Having offered a window into the record with lead track ‘Feathers’ last year; the traditionally grounded quintet have returned with another alluring teaser titled ‘Backwoods’.

Their mild infatuation with Roxy Music continues to simmer with an intro of glittering keys, spliced through droning synth string wafts and thundercrack snare-work. The tempo slows as Nahema Adele’s airy saxophone swells glide over translucent, washed-out vocals and a curlicue of zingy guitar before those effervescent drum patterns start to snap and pop at the fore once again.

By flirting with the romantic, krauty structures that propelled TOY into the spotlight last year; Symphonic’s seem intent on bridging the gap between 70s glam-rock and current reverb-infused psych with a gracefully hypnotic flair. And they’re making a pretty good fist of it so far.