Centred the emotive refrain "All who love you/will be here", "The Night Watch" gently encircles itself, picking up small orchestral and electronic flourishes in its wake.

From its opening piano delay to Toby Knowles's meditative lyrics about letting go of life's unnecessary worries, "The Night Watch" is decidedly a song for time stood still, heightened by beautifully stark visuals of empty streets, dimly-lit halls, and floating clouds.

Walker had this to say about the new record, produced by Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Ghostpoet, Darkstar): "Richard’s job as producer was often to gently unpick what we’d done and refocus it. He encouraged us to change arrangements in the studio – often stripping parts away and leaving a broader, more cinematic sound.

"He's is a master of vintage equipment – modular synths, old organs, tape delays, etc. – and he always had ideas about which sounds to use and how to distort, bend and re-imagine the music we made."

"The Night Watch" appears on the band's forthcoming album, Afterlife, released on 29 April via Organ Grinder Records.


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