There's something so simplistically exciting about Lauran Hibberd. Her songs encapsulate an often self-deprecating, sarcastic tone whilst feeling effortlessly vibrant and fresh that demands your attention. Something that can sometimes be a difficult balancing act for some seems to come to Hibberd with ease.

"What Do Girls Want?" is another example of Hibberd's knack for writing indie anthems that will no doubt soon be the cause of mass festival sing-a-longs. It's full of honest depictions of the struggle and obsessions that you go through as a young adult finding your place in the world, whilst still catapulting through a blast of catchy hooks that jump right out of the track. To put it simply, it's addictive, clever and brilliant.

Explaining what the new track means to the young indie upstart, Hibberd says “For me, ‘What Do Girls Want?’ is a good punch to the mouth. It’s sarcastic, and bleakly honest. It highlights what it feels like to be young, and obsesses over the ideas that come with being just that.”

"What Do Girls Want?" is out now.