Launder's offerings are lo-fi jams with substance. In another life, “Powder” could've been the soundtrack to a lovesick montage in a 00s indie movie. His breathy indie rock is comfortingly nostalgic, with polite salutes to the staticky pop of Sparklehorse and melodic shoegaze of Slowdive.

The track features Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV on guitar and production by Jackson Phillips of Day Wave: a second successful collaboration after working together on Launder's debut five-song EP Pink Cloud in Phillips' LA home studio.

Despite its dreamy melody, the undertones of melancholy to “Powder” are distinct, with the song acting as a tribute to Cudlip's childhood friends who suffered from substance abuse.

Throughout the writing process, Launder came to the natural decision that, although he'd never recorded with one before, an acoustic guitar was the right way to layer a delicate and vulnerable sound throughout the track.

Launder's new track “Powder” is out now, and the forthcoming “Powder" / "Chew” 7” will drop on 18 January via House Arrest, and available to pre-order now.