The track starts at full-throttle with an incisive guitar/bass combo driving toward a chorus that never materialises. At first reverb-heavy vocals coat “Stay” in a psychedelic fog, though they don’t do much to mitigate its frantic acceleration. Then—at almost three minutes in—things take a turn for the celestial with fast and furious guitar chords giving way to pensive, single-note plucking. Layered harmonies become a new and totally mesmerising focal point.

“Stay” is deliciously duplicitous, allowing Landshapes to showcase an impressive range within a short timespan.

The album artwork for Heyoon, which takes its name from a secret place, features a giant stained-glass pyramid structure created by Isabel Farchy in collaboration with the band. It will be touring galleries and festivals over summer. Landshapes play their third gig of a three-week residency at London’s Total Refreshment Centre this Thursday, 26 February.

Heyoon is released on 4 May via Bella Union (pre-order CD and vinyl).