Born in Cologne to opera singing parents, Josin decided to follow their lead and take the musical path while training to be a doctor in France. The first release from her debut album is at once delicate offset by an uneasy edge, with frosty piano flutters and chilling string compositions soothed by Rauch's silky vocals, reminiscent of K.D. Lang.

“”In The Blank Space” is the most recent song I’ve written,” says Rauch. “I’m trying to describe a state where you actually want to get lost in a space, because that nothingness is full of everything. It can shift and bend and creates all shades, if you accept to be only one little atom. It's about being content and conscious of all the things that could be overlooked or forgotten. But everything you long for is around you.”

Josin's debut album In The Blank Space will be released on 25th January via Dumont Dumont/MVKA. Josin has four UK tour dates, including one on 27th February at Courtyard Theatre, London. Find Josin on Facebook.