Jesca Hoop‘s story is a fascinating one. After being given an early career push by Tom Waits, the songwriter left her California home a couple of years ago and relocated to Manchester, having been encouraged to give up the sun by Guy Garvey – a man who, it must be said, looks like he could do with a bit of vitamin D.

Hunting My Dress, Hoop’s first post-States release, was a fascinating collection of distorted folk-rock (often more rock than folk) that frequently seemed to dip into the occult. On ‘Born To’, though, the singer is firmly back in thrall to traditional, distinctly rustic song structures, with flecks of English folk instrumentation providing a perfect counterpoint to Hoop’s brash vocals.

‘Born To’ is taken from the forthcoming The House That Jack Built, out on Hoop’s own label on 25 June. Stream the track below.