"All I Want" is ultimately a tantalising dark pop number that is full of longing and desire where ISADORA pleads for simplicity and security, singing "I don't ask for much these days / All I want is for you to stay" and draws us further into her world.

The song comes with the release of Isadora's debut EP Battle Royale, the first release for Ex Girlfriend Records which is a new label dedicated to exceptional female talent. The EP is an impressive body of work that is powered by dark undercurrents and explores the artist's mental wellbeing at a particular point in her life.

The songwriting process started out as being a cathartic activity, as Isadora explains “As soon as I began writing songs, I felt like I had found something that could get me out of bed in the morning, something to look forward to, even though I was struggling with my own mental health.”

However, Isadora's move from New Jersey to London meant that she experienced first hand the cut-throat nature of the industry. When she became disheartened by the way other artist's careers were heading and how many got chewed up in the rat race of it all, she took herself away from it all, became a recluse and focused solely on the EP.

Battle Royale is full of razor sharp beats and dreamy vocals and spells out a strong foundation for the artist where the future only seems to be full of boundless possibilities.

Battle Royale is out now via Ex Girlfriend Records.