Iceè tGM’s series of sugar-sweet harmonies sprinkled all over J Hus’ number one album highlighted her effortless cadence and unique vocal style, and rightly pricked some ears. Her new single “TLC” looks to compound that attention as she proves her versatility, going back and forth between her smooth melodies on the chorus, and her nonchalant and self-assured bars across the verses.

Aside from directly paying homage to Atlanta’s iconic girl group, “TLC” is a tribute to the golden era of ‘90s R&B. Undoubtedly, self-expression and originality are huge USPs for the vocalist, and it shows all over the single: it takes the shimmering iridescence of her previous drop, “Imagine”, and adds an extra layer of slick, big-up-yourself attitude.

After announcing herself to the world with her prior collaborations and an ever-increasing buzz from her solo work, Iceè tGM is well and truly carving out her own lane on her own terms. “If things aren’t getting done, there’s nothing else to look to except yourself,” she says. “My whole attitude is ‘do you.’”

Unquestionably – as long as she continues to do exactly that, there’s no stopping this rising star.

"TLC" is out now. Find Iceè tGM on Instagram.