The London collective’s sound is steeped in rollicking percussion and jangling guitars, all topped off with lead singer Megan Tinsley’s anarchic yet sonically sparkling vocals. “It’s a song about how trust and love are two different things,” says Tinsley. She describes the track as “an homage to bands like the B-52's and Gang of Four.”

The nostalgic elements in “Everyone’s Nice and Everything's Fine” are far from lost to a listener: Honey Joy take the technicolour glare of B-52s and the new wave bands of their calibre, and rip it at the edges, as if their fun is spiralling out of control.

The track is the forerunner for the five-piece’s split 7” with fellow label signees BAT BOY, released on 16 February.

“Everyone’s Nice and Everything's Fine” is out now via Everything Sucks Music. Find Honey Joy on Facebook.