Having made her debut with "Warrior Love" earlier this year, Hollie Carmen has upped the stakes with her newest cut where she blends her effortless, smokey vocals with soulful melodies to dreamy effect.

It is the catchy chorus that is this song's crowning glory, where Carmen is able to beautifully articulate the teenage lust that has taken her by surprise whilst still retaining a pop-inspired hook. It's catchy, but in a understated way that doesn't try too hard to impress.

Like reading part of Carmen's diary, it's an honest confessional where she puts her cards on the table and allows her emotions to shine through in all their shimmering beauty.

Speaking on the track's conception, Carmen says "I wrote butterflies about an old flame that I kept crossing paths with years after it had ended. I found myself completely lost for words when I saw him and felt like a kid all over again! The concept really fell into my lap - I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and I actually wrote the original lyrics on a notepad of the place I was working at the time."

"Butterflies" is out now.