Exhibiting a strong knack for marrying synth-pop textures with R&B and a post-punk edge, "Lonely Loving Me" is the lead single from the tipped musician's forthcoming four-track EP Tears At My Age.

With the new single serving as a slick and deftly intoxicating case in point, the EP stems from experiences living in Cornwall via Copenhagen. After putting Hockeysmith on hiatus, Annie took up residence in a converted bus in the Cornish wilderness. Inspired by the “intrepid spirit and historical significance” of Cornwall's rave scene (the sometimes local Aphex Twin is a fan and friend), Annie delved deep into 1990s IDM and trip-hop.

Combined with her love of the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Cocteau Twins, and Sonic Youth, Hockeysmith went about conceiving the forthcoming release. Equally brisk and burrowing, the wonderfully-woven pop of “Lonely Loving Me” is a textbook lead single that suggests bright things for Hockeysmith in the coming year.

"Lonely Loving Me" is out today and Tears At My Age is out via Ex-Local on 25 January. Find Hockeysmith on Facebook.