"Confusion is a funny thing and seems to be the only state of consciousness looping us all together. Welcome to 2020," says Doncaster's Jake Cope, the driving force behind Guest Singer. This sense of disorientation and flux is incontestably present in “Think Face”, with its erratic and vacillating soundscapes. Menacing synths segue into more rousing debonair '80s beats with tightly drawn hooks and malfunctioning basslines.

Cope's decisive and melodramatic inflection maintains the sense of abashment with its unexpected delicacy and sensitivity. "Essentially it's about the emotional effort of songwriting,” Cope explains of the new track. “How it can snare you in a psychologically abusive relationship with yourself, requiring so much identity and only offering up small moments in return".

Continuing Guest Singer's broader exploration of the subtractive nature of our digital lives, “Think Face” further intimates the idea that despite our attempts, it's impossible to compress all our thoughts, feelings and passions into a single Tweet, Instagram post or Emoji. We're nuanced, multifaceted beings who shouldn't feel the need to be reduced to a mere highlights reel all the time.

“Think Face” is out today via Heist or Hit, and Limbo Days will release on 14 February. Find Guest Singer on Facebook.