Establishing herself as a true dark pop artist, Goodnight Louisa’s latest single “Someone So Sublime” creates an atmosphere brimming with angst. Featuring vocals similar to that of Marina Diamandis (formerly known as Marina & the Diamonds), the Scottish singer-songwriter weaves synths within a melancholic landscape to create a beautifully serene environment.

Talking about her new track “Someone So Sublime", McCraw reveals that the song was sparked by an unconventional idea: "The song started as a metaphor of being punched in the face in slow motion. The journey the fist takes, striking the nose and then all the blood running out signifying the idea of spitefully shoved out of love."

Recording the track with Kristofer Harris, the drama-fuelled lyrics and exquisite melody creates the perfect pop balance. This is a track that is so sublime.

“Someone So Sublime” is available now. Follow Goodnight Louisa on Instagram and catch her live this October in Edinburgh and Glasgow.