The Los Angeles outfit venture into the unknown on otherworldly new offering "Contact". The single is a heady mixture of krautrock and modern psych and vintage shoegaze. It's packed with twinkling guitars and thick, gloopy layers of melody and bleached vox - while it's pretty dreamy, a propulsive pulse thumps beneath, keeping you on tenterhooks.

Thomas Dolas produces Outside (briefly), which follows last year's LP Bleak.

Riley Blakeway has directed the surreal new video - it begins strangely, and just gets a bit weirder from there.

"I feel like the video does a good job representing the inspiration of the song through a desperate space-obsessed man,” says singer/guitarist JooJoo Ashworth of the video. “Riley and I work pretty easy together since we've collaborated several times before and have a lot of overlapping taste so making the video was really fun for me.”

Outside (briefly) is out 10 February via Wichita. You can pre-order it now.


  1. Contact
  2. Shut The Windows
  3. Passing Thing
  4. Petals
  5. Romance Distractions
  6. Sensitive Girl
  7. New Machine
  8. Shatter
  9. Show A Flower A Candle And It Grows
  10. Briefly


  • 11 - Western Cape, S.Africa Psych Night Festival
  • 17 - Eindhoven, Holland Come As You Are Festival @ Stroomhuis
  • 18 - Brussels, Belgium Le Trone
  • 19 - Paris, France New Noise Night @ Trabendo
  • 20 - Middelburg, Holland De Spot
  • 21 - London, UK Moth Club
  • 23 - Amsterdam,Holland 2 year Black Rice Anniversary/Subbaculture present @ OT301