Encouraging her growing listenership to follow her behaviour and embrace the idea of “fucking it up”, Franky is carving out her lane in pop, following on from visionaries such as Charli XCX and Allie X.

Speaking on the track, Franky says, "It's about taking a chance and not looking back no matter how big the risk. Being a bit reckless and not have it all figured out along the way is what makes life interesting, as long as you aim for the same end goal.

“So this song is for the risk takers, and I hope it inspires those afraid of taking a chance because the outcome could be amazing".

We often look towards pop music for a sense of laissez-faire, and this easy-going tune from Franky does just that. A worthy follow-up to the super catchy “All of The Boys”, “Follow My Lead” is equally infectious and full to the brim with excitable attitude.

"Follow My Lead” is out today. Find Franky on Instagram.